Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Closing Day

I'll be closing the garden later today until 2012. Things have been quite quiet for the last two weeks since the children returned to school. I was very flattered, though, to have a return visit from Kirsty who wrote the lovely note in my visitor's book in June (see below). I showed her a video I made of a wood mouse who lives on the steps to the bird and squirrel feeders. She liked it very much, which decided me I should add it to You Tube. I'll add it to this blog as well. One of the joys of this garden is the wildlife and we have many voles, shrews and wood mice, as well as all the birds, regular red squirrels and occasional visiting hedgehogs. This particular mouse, quickly christened "Minnie", took to coming to see me whenever I filled the squirrel and bird feeders and soon became a "regular". The whole video is 9½ minutes long but I don't suppose anyone will want to watch it all the way through.

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