Saturday, 21 May 2011

and we know it's Spring when the hawthorns flower ....


This has turned out to be one of the oddest starts to the Summer I have seen in over 35 years here. Late April was very dry and by the time I opened the garden on 1st May I was desperate for rain and fearful of losing plants on the steeper slopes. The rain started on 5th May and has barely stopped since! We expect May and early June to provide us with the best weather of each year: well, not this year! It really could stop raining now!! Nevertheless, the azalias on the driveway were a picture for a short while until the wind took its toll.

Monday, 2 May 2011

Sparkle Cafe has had something of a makeover for the new season:

.... and the wise old owl still overlooks and supervises everthing

The bunnies are still hopping about the place ....

The woodruff is in full flower

Murphy has moved to the High Road

The rhododendrons are at their best

Another Spring

Last year turned out to be awful for the garden. After the harshest Winter I have ever experienced here, I rather gave up on the blog as I watched my plants die. In the end I lost all the Dicksonia as well as many other plants, many years old.

This Winter was cold for a period, too, but not nearly as bad as 2010-11 and I lost only a few plants.

Anyway, I've put all that behind me. I opened the garden yesterday and I've already had 4 visitors. I have a group booked for Wednesday. The garden looks an absolute picture at present so I'll add some photographs I took today. I'm looking forward to a bumper Summer. Come and visit!