Sunday, 14 June 2009

Scotland's Garden Scheme

I am a member of Scotland's Garden Scheme (SGS - "the yellow book" - see for my entry) and the garden is open to the public most days (when I'm here) from 10.00 until 5.00 from 1 May until 31 August. I'm hoping that, as a result of the article in Scotland on Sunday, I will have even more visitors to my garden this Summer. All proceeds from SGS go to charity. My chosen charity is Diabetes UK. You can see the extract from the Yellow Book here but the website has some photographs too:

Scotland on Sunday 7th June 2009

One reason I decided to start this blog was an article published about Oakbank garden in Scotland on Sunday's "At Home" on 7th June. This contained some wonderful photographs of the garden and I was delighted that my grandchildren's garden artwork made the front page! I've attached a copy of the article below for anyone who wants to read it.
The photgraphs are by Ray Cox -

Helga's Garden at Oakbank

This is my new blog that I am starting today, Sunday 14th June, 2009. On it I plan to tell you what's going on in my garden and who has visited. I'll also be adding lots of film clips and photographs to show how things are going with the plants and all the animals that live amongst them.