Monday, 24 May 2010

Spring at last!!

Well, at last Spring has arrived! What a Winter - it seems to have lasted for ever and I've lost quite a number of plants as a result, not so much of the cold, but from a spell of a few days of easterly wind during the long cold period. This burned even quite hardy plants like the bay trees and even killed rhodedendrons, as well as destrying at least one of my Dicksonia antartica - which rather belies the name.

The garden opened late this year because of weather, family health and several family celebrations. We opened on 16 May and have already had three visitors. Normally I don't see more than an odd visitor until the Scottish school holidays start in June.

There was an article about the garden in Gardens Monthly in April. I'll attach it after this post. I had several calls after its publication from people planning to visit later in the year so I'm looking forward to lots of new gardener interaction as the Summer progresses.

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