Sunday, 12 July 2009


Ray Cox is Kenneth Cox's brother and he is a brilliant specialist in garden & plant photography, who also took the pictures in the 'Scotland on Sunday' article below. Looking at his photograph of the children's garden from the new book reminded me that I intended to put more of my photographs of the garden onto the blog to give a better idea of how it looks. Here are a few. I'll add more later. These are from last year - this year I've been pre-occupied by learning to use my new camcorder. Sooner or later I may put some film clips up too.

In case anyone is interested in being in touch with Ray, his website can be found at

Oakbank driveway

The Millennium Ruin (restored in 1999)

Woodland (looking west)

More woodland (looking north)

The lower pond

Bluebells & wild garlic

More bluebells

Entrance to 'Fairyland'

The owl in Fairyland

........ and yet more bluebells!

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